Let’s Be Realistic: the Republic Died Today

Published at 13:37 on 8 October 2021

There was a well-known and important deadline yesterday. It was a deadline that anyone with an IQ above room temperature expected to be ignored. As such, and given its importance to the Republic, plans for it to be ignored had to be made.

Instead, the deadline passed with the normal, nearly-silent “whoosh” that any garden-variety lapsed deadline makes. Nothing else happened.

The Committee’s members have left town to enjoy some vacation time. So not only has nothing happened, it is pretty damn clear that nothing substantive will happen.

At this point, there are basically two plausible conjectures:

  1. The members of the Committee were so intellectually damaged by decades of exposure to inside-the-Beltway Establishment politics that they lacked the common sense of a bucket of warm piss and actually believed their deadline would be taken seriously. Alternatively, they expected their subpoenas to be ignored but, being morons, didn’t think they were all that important.
  2. The members of the Committee are so chickenshit that they are afraid to enforce their subpoena’s deadline.

It is a committee of either idiots or cowards. Neither is the sort of committee capable of defending the Republic.

Trump was right. The Republic is so rotten to the core that it is incapable of defending itself against an authoritarian takeover. As such, Donald J. Trump will now go down as the most consequential president in the history of the American Republic.

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