Javascript Makes Web Sites Suck

Published at 13:39 on 30 November 2013

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Nothing underscores the slogan which comprises the title of this post more than trying to read your email via the Web while riding on the bus.

Mobile internet connections are never as fast or as solid as normal wired ones. Google Mail is awkward and unpleasant to use and iCloud is basically unusable. Yet reading my third inbox on a discount hosting service using the plain-Jane Squirrel Mail web software is a snap.

And if deep-pocketed big businesses like Apple and Google can’t produce a Javascript-infested web site that behaves properly, just what sort of hope do developers with far more modest resources have?

Dumb Dems

Published at 08:44 on 25 November 2013

I don’t care how frustrating and unprecedented the Republican blocking of judicial nominees is, and how hypocritical the Republicans are for opposing the same nuclear option they were advocating enacting when the tables were turned.

The tables will turn again, and when that happens the Democrats will sorely regret “going nuclear” as right-winger after right-winger sails through the Senate and onto the bench.

The foolishness of the current herd mentality is so transparently obvious that it is simply staggering that so many seem unable to see it.

Moreover, it will be made all the worse because the Republicans, unlike the Democrats, are firmly committed to their ideals and willing to pursue them with full vigor, so the rightward shift by the Republican appointees will overwhelm any leftward one put in place by the Democrats.

Seattle Redeems Itself (Sort Of)

Published at 20:46 on 15 November 2013

After electing a corporate Democrat to the mayor’s office to replace a bumbling* but at least non-corporate incumbent, Seattle elects a socialist to the City Council.

* And yes, McGinn was bumbling and incompetent. But I’d rather have someone incompetent at doing good things than someone competent at doing bad ones. Of course it’s sort of academic at this point since I’ve moved out of Seattle and have no plans to move back.

The Paradox of Programming Languages

Published at 20:57 on 14 November 2013

I care so much about programming languages principally because I don’t care about computer geekery that much, at least not as much as most computer programmers do. I can’t really geek out on learning a programming language. Just give me something that’s simple and well-designed and therefore not much work to understand and use.

That me averse to overly-complex languages like Ruby, Perl and particularly C++. Why would I want to piss away my valuable time becoming proficient in one of those when for less investment in time I can be proficient in something simpler and easier like Java, Python, or C#?

It means I can spend less time worrying about computer programming and have more brain cells to devote to other things.