All Righty Democrats, It’s Crunch Time

Published at 13:51 on 7 October 2021

It is now put up or shut up time. Your subpoenas are going to be ignored.

It was always obvious that they would be ignored, because you have a long, sad history of caving. You have a long, sad history of standing firm for precisely nothing except craven capitulation. So of course your subpoenas will be resisted. Any subpoenaed Trumper would have to be a rank idiot to do otherwise, because the only rational expectation is that you will be too chickenshit to enforce those subpoenas. But I digress.

Democrats, it is now your job to prove them — and me — wrong. Enforce the subpoenas, and enforce them mercilessly. Ignoring them should result in arrests and jail time, just like ignoring any other more mundane subpoena does.

Anything less means capitulation to fascism. Enforce the subpoenas or else go down as co-responsible for the natural consequences of failing to enforce them.

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