U.S. Democracy Still at DEFCON-4

Published at 07:11 on 13 April 2022

The January 6th Committee says it has evidence that Trump willingly and knowingly broke the law during his presidency. Not only did he do that, but his lawbreaking fundamentally threatened the constitutional order, being geared towards unlawfully remaining in office after losing an election.

The January 6th Committee is also unsure about what to do next.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. The political culture in the USA is so degraded that a president can directly conspire against the constitution and it still probably will not be enough to indict him.

Spare me any sanctimony about a rule of laws and not of men. In the USA, a President is god and can do whatever the hell he wants.

Don’t celebrate about the backlash against Russia being a backlash against authoritarianism. When the fascists prevail in the USA — as seems likely — democratic retreat will really shift into high gear worldwide.

I would like very much for the Committee and the Department of so-called “Justice” to prove me wrong on this, but I don’t expect it.

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