Putin Whittles off More Chunks

Published at 21:19 on 22 February 2022

That is what happened today, and that is basically what I predicted would happen a month ago. The bit about it being peacekeeping to stabilize some new republics is merely the propaganda messaging for selling the whole exercise, nothing more. Those “new republics” are part of Ukraine, and their separatist movements have been bankrolled by Russia.

The question now is, will Russia try to do more? The prediction above says: probably not. The fact that the US has completely moved its embassy out of Ukraine says: probably so (the embassy is nowhere near the whittled-off chunks).

Time will tell. One big determiner will be how strongly NATO is willing to sanction the Putin regime. As I also wrote earlier, it won’t be more than sanctions; no NATO country considers this worth the lives of their soldiers, plus a direct conflict between NATO and Russia would invite nuclear war.

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