Yup, Toothpaste’s out of the Tube

Published at 07:15 on 28 November 2021

Just in the last day, let’s sum up:

  • Now that people are looking for it, the Omicron variant is popping up all over the map.
  • Most but not all of those infected with it recently traveled to southern Africa; this means that community transmission is already happening worldwide.
  • Most of the infected are symptom-free, meaning that they had no reason to suspect they were spreading the infection and therefore were unwittingly doing so.

And remember, this one is more contagious than the old variants (more contagious than even Delta).

The one good bit of news is that the high rate of asymptomatic vaccinated individuals detected means that the vaccinations do seem to offer a significant measure of protection. If the consequences of an infection are so mild that one does not even realize one is infected, the infection is not really a big deal.

The big worry is that it might be serious enough for enough people that it will create another surge in the hospitals as the new variant spreads.

On the personal front, my big worry is that the US/Canada border might slam shut in the next few days, possibly when I’m in the USA loading another batch of my stuff to take north to Vancouver.

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