Another Decision Point

Published at 20:08 on 28 October 2021

It seems there are a lot of vaccine refuseniks in the Air Force who are about to miss the deadline to get their shots.

What should happen at this stage is that it becomes time to bring down the hammer on those participating in this lack of discipline. When those service members joined, they took an oath to obey all lawful orders. They are now disobeying lawful orders. Deal with them. That means prosecution in a court-martial or a dishonorable discharge.

Not doing so basically telegraphs another sign of the weakness of the existing order: the refuseniks are doubtless for the most part Trumpy little fascists who would enthusiastically back a coup if given the chance. This is, in fact, part of the reason why they must be dealt with. Whatever the short-term cost of drumming them out, the longer-term cost of not doing so will be far greater.

Unfortunately, everything I know about the sorry state of the Republic leads me to believe that the breakdown in discipline will be for the most part ignored, thus cementing the precedent that it is OK for right-wingers in the military to ignore orders if they want.

At that point, the military has become a power unto itself, one that no longer answers fully to the civilian government. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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