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Published at 08:02 on 25 October 2021

From this article:

That’s in large measure because Democrats are fighting apathy among their base. The party’s agenda in Washington, D.C., is stalled, Biden’s poll numbers are sagging, and Democrats are sounding the alarm.

What might have changed this, of course, would have been for the Democrats to take the threat to democracy that the Trumpified GOP poses more seriously. That’s right: the Democrats’ institutionalized Stockholm syndrome is not only bad for the country, it is bad for them politically. Truly, of all the major political parties in the world’s nations, the US Democratic Party must rank amongst the most incompetent.

If the Democrats had taken the threat of Trump seriously, it would have dovetailed with some very effective fear-based, get-out-the-vote propaganda. The GOP has long used such strategies effectively; this, coupled with the Democrats’ refusal to use such effective tactics, is part of the reason why the GOP tends to punch above its weight in the political arena.

If it is not already too late to shift to this strategy, it soon will be. Why should voters take seriously any fear-mongering when inactions are speaking louder that words?

A worry of mine in posting many of my recent articles has been that if such a narrative gets traction, it could prove counterproductive; pointing out how useless the Democratic Party has been is not the way to get people motivated to vote for its candidates. Eventually, the logic that well over 99.9% of voters don’t even know who I am, let alone read this blog, persuaded me to just speak my mind. Lack of influence is both frustrating and liberating.

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