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Published at 20:22 on 23 October 2021

The political culture of today’s Democratic Party seems an awful lot like a teenager or young adult who grew up in privileged, sheltered conditions. They just think they are special (their parents continually tell them so, after all), and that the normal rules which apply to other people, do not apply to them. Or, in this case, the normal political rules of motion which apply to other nations, do not apply to the USA.

Therefore, many of them really do think that there is not much need for accountability for the crimes of January 6th. Coups d’etat happen to other, less fortunate nations. The USA is special, and it cannot happen here. No unpleasant work needed. That sort of thing is for other, lesser nations that are not special.

Come to think of it, this probably affects many Republicans as well. They just can’t believe that backing Trump could be as risky as some people say, because fascism is something that can only happen to other, lesser nations.

Just like the 19-year-old awakening in the drunk tank with a DUI charge to his name, the Democrats in particular are about to suffer a rude awakening.

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