Politically Homeless

Published at 11:41 on 20 October 2021

The evil of the right, coupled with the general incompetence of the left, all conspires to leave me politically homeless, at least here in the USA, where I am typing this at the moment and of which for now I am a citizen. (Canadian citizenship is a years-long process, and while I am starting that process, at this stage I am only just starting it, and who is to say for sure it will ever complete.)

Actually, it matters regardless, no matter where in the world one is (the USA is both a military and an economic superpower), and particularly if you are a nation sharing the world’s longest land border with the USA.

Basically, everything I have seen up to this point indicates that:

  • Virtually the entire US political culture, both the left and the right of it, are irreparably rotten, and must first burn to the ground in order to make way for something better,
  • It will be the right that first burns the left to the ground, and
  • Then the right will burn, either due to its own rot, or due to a new, effective opposition (or both).

Note that this is not to say that both sides are equally culpable; clearly, the right is more culpable. Actively engaging in evil is a worse sin than is failing to oppose evil strongly enough.

Anyhow, with regards to US politics, the only kind I can formally participate in as a citizen, I am at this stage politically homeless. It is probably another reason for my strange affinity with the never-Trump conservatives, who are also politically homeless at the moment, who also recognize the parallels of the current moment with historical pre-fascist situations in other nations, and who are (as I am) horrified by it.

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