This Is Fucking Stupid

Published at 16:54 on 20 June 2021

Mere advocacy of anarchism may not actually be a crime. How reassuring.

Really, now, this should be Exhibit A in any argument made by an Establishment type of how radicals are needlessly divisive and impractical.

At a time when the country is undergoing a transition to fascism that desperately needs to be interrupted, the DHS wants… not to drag the putschists and discredit them, but to seek common cause with them by demonizing anarchists as well as fascists.

Listen, you fucking morons: Anarchists did not violently invade the Capitol. Anarchists are not phoning in death threats to election officials who won’t ignore the vote totals and declare the fascists the winners no matter what. Fascists are doing those things. The fascist party wants to destroy you. It is not interested in allying with you!

Maybe act a bit more strategically, for once? Listen, I get it: I don’t expect you people to have any love for radical left politics. I don’t expect praise for anarchism from you. But you don’t have to: all you have to do is shut the fuck up about anarchism and focus on fascism. Fascism is Priority No. 1.

Churchill even managed to shut the fuck up about his many disagreements with Stalin and ally with him. Stalin! Surely you can STFU about anarchists, can you not?

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