Trump Must Not Be Immune from Prosecution

Published at 08:56 on 7 December 2020

Of course, he probably will be made so, and that is a huge problem, because it continues the long, sad, and highly dangerous American tradition of never holding the most powerful in society to account.

While there are a few voices calling for the right thing to be done, some quick Internet searching using the term “prosecute Trump” indicates they are distinctly in the minority, which indicates the likely course of action. Or should I say, the likely course of inaction.

Trump only happened because past precedent (Nixon was pardoned, Reagan got off the hook for Iran/Contra, no high-up Bushies were prosecuted for lying their way into Iraq or establishing an official policy of torturing prisoners, etc.) indicated that in the USA, the most powerful are almost never held to any standards. If this dangerous and disgusting precedent is allowed to stand, there will be another right-wing authoritarian regime, soon, and it will be far worse than the Trump regime ever was.

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