Sanders Needs to Concede

Published at 17:08 on 18 March 2020

Just consider the basics of the current situation:

  • He’s been consistently losing primary elections, even losing “must-win” ones such as Michigan and Washington.
  • Even where he’s won recently (e.g. California), he’s done worse than expected.
  • He debated Biden one-on-one, and Biden did a good job.
  • The coronavirus crisis is making it unsafe to conduct in-person elections.
  • It is not going to be possible to shift to all vote-by-mail elections on a notice short enough to complete most primaries.
  • Sanders faces very long odds; Biden is virtually a shoo-in to win the nomination at this point.
  • In past primaries, when a race has gotten to this stage, the obvious loser has traditionally conceded.

On the debate point, that was really the one reason why Sanders should have stayed in up until this point. We wouldn’t want to run a candidate sure to melt down in a one-on-one debate, and verbal skills have never exactly been Biden’s strong suit.

Now that Biden’s mettle has been tested, and we have a batch of post-debate primary results demonstrating that not only Yours Truly thinks Biden passed, that reason no longer exists. It’s time to concede, Bernie.

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