The Campaigns Do It… Eventually

Published at 11:20 on 12 March 2020

It was obvious by late February this was needed, it took his campaign weeks to realize it, but Biden has finally stepped up to the plate with a pretty damn good speech on the pandemic.

And he’s not planning to shut up about the issue any time soon. One feature of that speech is the creation by his campaign of a coronavirus team, effectively a shadow cabinet to the real one that’s dropping the ball so badly.

It is an indictment of the Sanders campaign that Biden beat them to it. (Sanders is planning on speaking on this issue a few hours later.) That’s truly tragic, and underscores just how bad a job Sanders has done at campaigning, as the general message of socialism is very pertinent in the current situation, which is by its very nature exposing the lie that we are all separate individuals best left to fend entirely for ourselves.

Those disappointed by Sanders’ collapse need to realize that said collapse is more due to a centrist that campaigns semi-competently outcompeting a progressive that campaigns incompetently than anything else. As painful as that may be to acknowledge, it means that things can be unilaterally done to make progressive ideas sell better to the voting public.

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