Some Points on Ralph Northam

Published at 08:14 on 2 February 2019

Northam’s reaction proves his superiority to Kavanaugh.
Kavanaugh lied about and denied his past. When confronted with the evidence, Northam confessed it and expressed contrition for it.
Northam’s reaction proves his superiority to Trump.
Trump expressed no contrition about the Access Hollywood tapes.
The Democrats’ reaction proves their superiority to the Republicans.
There’s already been widespread condemnation of Northam and calls for him to resign from his own party. Contrast with widespread support for Kavanaugh and attacks on his accusers on the Republican side. Contrast with how Republicans stuck with Trump after the Access Hollywood tapes came out.
It’s not just his conduct in medical school.
Northam’s nickname while at Virginia Military Institute was “Coonman.” That not only shows the yearbook photo wasn’t an isolated incident, it points to which of the two figures in it he probably is.
It’s a shock it took so long for the above to be discovered.
Ralph Northam has run in elections since 2007. An old yearbook isn’t that obscure a thing. It’s a standard campaign tactic to go digging for dirt on your opponents. So, it’s a mystery that it took so long for this thing to come to light.
Northam is toast.
He’s still refusing to resign, but given how widespread the calls for his resignation are, he won’t last.

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