ICE Probably Provoked the Border Melee

Published at 10:09 on 27 November 2018

I’m basing this claim on the known behavior of the agency. Basically, it’s known to be functioning as Trump’s Gestapo:

  • It’s long had a tradition, under many presidents, of operating outside constitutional norms. It routinely violates the Fourth Amendment.
  • Unlike most labor unions, the union representing ICE agents is a right-wing organization that endorsed Trump in the 2016 election.
  • ICE agents have deliberately ignored court orders when the courts rule against Trump regime policies.
  • People get tortured to death in ICE detention.

It’s entirely in character for such an agency to provoke a confrontation for political purposes. In fact, the thesis that they did is the simplest and most consistent one going. Per Occam’s razor, it is the one we should assume is true, until and unless facts contradicting it come to light.

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