On Shunning the Fascists

Published at 14:40 on 25 June 2018

Three points:

  1. The complaints from the fascists about being shunned can be for the most part disregarded, since the fascists have no issues with other people being shunned by their side. For example, they support the right for businesses to shun LGBT people. Simply make a note of their base hypocrisy and move on.
  2. The complaints from the Democrats about it being inconsistent with the values of polite discourse can at least be debated, since they’re coming from a side that generally has been against the whole shunning business in the first place.
  3. Notwithstanding the above, I believe it is more than mere coincidence that the Trump regime started backpedaling on its cruel policies within a day or two of the shunning episodes showing up in the news. Sometimes giving people a taste of their own medicine can be a most effective strategy.

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