Finally for Today, Which is More Likely?

Published at 07:30 on 16 December 2016

  • That the DHS and DNI would, in violation of the Hatch Act, issue a phony security statement about Russia being involved in hacking designed to compromise the presidential election, and
  • That Russia’s cable channel Russia Today just happens by random chance to back Trump, and
  • Internet trolls and fake news paid by the Russian government just by random chance backed Trump, and
  • Trump himself just by random chance happens to have business ties to the Kremlin, and
  • Just by random chance, multiple advisors and cabinet members Trump has chosen have close ties to Russia, and
  • Just by random chance Trump praises Putin.

Or is it more likely that the Intelligence Community is not lying and the other stuff on the list above is not just random coincidence?

You don’t have to have a Top Secret clearance to realize Trump is most likely a toxic mixture of Neville Chamberlain and Vidkun Quisling. It’s pretty obvious just based on publicly-available information.

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