Refining the Most Likely Scenario

Published at 13:23 on 18 November 2016

Some refinements on the scenario outlined here:

After the inevitable terrorist attack(s), repressive measures will be instituted solely in response to the attacks. During the inevitable war that will be started using them as a pretext, repressive measures will be intensified.

One likely series of repressive measures is first requiring all Muslims in the USA to register with the authorities, followed later by imprisoning them in concentration camps. Several key figures in the incoming regime have expressed interest in the legal machinery behind Japanese internment. Shockingly, some of it is still in place, never having been officually outlawed.

The terrorist attack(s) will focus disproportionately on urban areas, for the simple reason that terrorists desire to kill, and there are more potential targets where there are more people. The incoming regiome is probably calculating that this will undermine opposition to their measures in precisely those areas where opposition is currently the greatest.

The chance of the attack(s) being false flags is small but cannot definitively be ruled out. Realistically, any direct regime culpability in them will more likely be due to deliberate incompetence in forestalling them. Note that telling deliberate incompetence from garden-variety unintentional incompetence is not precisely easy.

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