Enter Evan McMullin

Published at 08:13 on 8 August 2016

It appears that someone I, and the vast majority of people have never even heard of is going to throw his hat into the ring as a conservative alternative to Donald Trump. Here’s a bit more on the guy, including a couple of videos of him speaking.

This could potentially be very good news, because it could mean the conservative movement in the USA is going to start seriously opposing (or at least split on, and thus be unable to effectively support) the rise of a fascist. The support of conservatives (who calculate, incorrectly, they can control the phenomenon and benefit from it) has been key to the rise of fascism pretty much any place it has arisen.

Dabbling with basically fascist methods has been something the Right in the US has been engaging in for some time, in fact (it predates Trump). It remains to be seen how much McMullin is aware of that and willing to re-evaluate it.

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