Summing up the Convention

Published at 08:19 on 27 July 2016

None of the following points conflict with each other. If you think they do, your view of the world is most likely overly simplistic and worthy of reconsideration.

Did the Democrats play dirty pool? They did. And they got caught.

Is the system vile and immoral and in need of a revolution? It is.

Does Hillary represent the hope of any real change? She does not.

Was Sanders’ campaign always the longest of long shots? It was.

Is Hillary winning the election still a distinctly better outcome than Trump winning it? It most definitely is.

Was Sanders right is being something of a holdout and refusing to endorse until the last minute? Yes, because it was a best-faith effort on his part to maximize his effort at changing the corrupt and unjust status quo.

Given the above, had Sanders then basically committed himself to having to endorse Hillary in as strong a voice as possible at the convention? He had.

Should this be considered the end of the story? No; history marches on.

Should only electoral politics be considered a valid tool? Absolutely not! The extremely modest outcome of the whole Sanders exercise illustrates its limitations.

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