David Fry is the Worrisome One

Published at 07:54 on 31 January 2016

I don’t have time to research all the links to back this up (so you’ll have to do that yourself), but he was very close to LaVoy Finicum, the other militant that was shot and killed. Like Finicum, he has many times used extreme rhetoric about preferring to be killed rather then being incarcerated. He’s the loose cannon who has blogged in support of Nazis and ISIS and advocated nuking Israel. In interviews, his father (who has been worried about him for some time and who tried to talk him out of going to Oregon) has openly worried about him choosing to commit “suicide by cop.”

In other words, he’s just about the last person you’d want to be amongst the final few holdouts. And that’s precisely where he is now.

We may not have seen the last of the bloodshed during this thing.

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