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Expect an Economic Crash

Trump wants to deregulate. He also talks out of both sides of his mouth; he’s made noises about reinstating the Glass Steagall Act. Expect the deregulation to dominate. That means a debt-and-speculation-fueled economic bubble. Such things inevitably collapse.

Watch North Korea and Russia

It’s highly likely Kim Jong-Un will want to test the new administration, particularly in light of Trump being on the record as thinking the US/South Korea alliance is a bad deal for the USA. I’ve already mentioned Russia as one to watch. The avoidable war could start due to unwise behavior on Trump’s part in either place.

It is important to not fall for Trump’s own bigotry against Muslims and to assume that the only significant threats come from the Middle East.

Libel Standards are Not Likely to Change

Reason is that these depend on both common law and case law (at the Supreme Court level). It’s highly unlikely Trump will manage to replace a majority of Supreme Court justices. Given that even the existing conservatives on the Court have a history of taking a broad view First Amendment rights, plus the tradition of stare decisis, makes it highly unlikely the Court will reverse itself.

The Odds of Another 9/11 Scale Attack are Remoteā€¦ Unless

That is, they are remote without at least some degree of collusion, either active (an orchestrated false flag) or passive (deliberately ignoring a threat in hopes of getting a good pretext for war and repression) on the part of the Trump regime. Unlike in 2001, the 9/11 attacks are now part of history; there is simply no valid excuse (such as Bush’s incompetence) for any subsequent administration to not be vigilant against the possibility of repeat attacks on a similar scale.

Therefore, if something similar happens again, the odds of it being a total surprise to those in power are remote. Some degree of collusion will be pretty much a given. Remember, the likely target will be an urban area that didn’t vote for Trump, anyhow. Yes, I believe he is that Machiavellian.

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