Freeze-Dried Durian: Not Bad

Posted because if you Google “freeze dried durian review” you mostly get useless hits like this one. After this post, I will return to more typical subject matters for this blog.

I mean, sure it’s not as pungent or flavorful as the frozen kind, but it’s still not bad by comparison, and it lends itself much better to be taken as a snack on hikes than thawed frozen durian (which could be very messy should its Ziploc bag spring a leak). Some of the savory aspects (in addition to the expected sweet ones) of the flavor even managed to survive the freeze-drying.

Actually, “not bad by comparison” means “very yummy”, because face it, it’s still durian. I can only imagine how awesome it must taste fresh. If I ever visit Southeast Asia rest assured my trip will be during durian season.

The one surprise is how big the the three bags that came in the mail were; about twice the size that I was expecting, in fact. (Not that it’s going to be any challenge to consume it all or anything; maybe I’ll try concocting a recipe for durian-flavored granola.)

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