Why I Have “Issues” with Organized Religion

Published at 22:17 on 21 December 2012

Exhibit A (scroll down to see the actual text of the address).

Yet another example of how religions tend to fret far more about the  customs written in their scriptures rather than actual examples of people treating each other evilly or acting in counterproductive ways.

Really, now, the nuclear family found in most of the developed world, including Germany and Italy, is radically different from what families were like in either the Roman Empire’s Province of Judea or tribal Israel in the times of the Old Testament. One could just as easily attack it for being contrary to what Scripture’s authors envisioned as one might attack a family based around a same-sex couple.

And really now, nothing about actual evils which are actually demonstrably doing great harm to people, such as that particularly nasty conflict in the heart of Africa which has been going on for well over a decade now, complete with forced conscription of child soldiers and atrocity after atrocity committed against civilians?

No, of course not. The Apostle Paul did not write anything about wars in the Congo Basin being particularly abominable, so obviously that’s not anywhere near as big a deal as two men openly loving each other.

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