Dear Biden: Do It

Published at 13:33 on 23 September 2021

Release the names of those responsible and what they did.

To hell with precedent. Precedent is dead. No other president has tried to instigate a coup, either.

Moreover, the whole concept that the president must be above the law is stupid, dangerous, and unfit for any society that would call itself free. Presidential immunity helped pave the way to where we are now.

There are fundamentally only two options here: hold the guilty accountable (and naming names is part of this), or set the precedent that what Trump and his supporters did on January 6th is a valid political tactic.

That those way lower down, the rubes who fell for the instigation of those on top, are being prosecuted means in the overall analysis very little. There is a near-endless supply of rubes for higher-ups to instigate. In order for accountability to be effective, none must be exempt from it.

Norms mean nothing if they are not upheld.

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