I May Have Found a Tech Job… in Vancouver

Published at 10:23 on 25 August 2021

It’s not 100% certain yet, and there’s still immigration red tape to go through (with a good chance, but not a certainty, of approval) even if the offer does come. So no celebrating yet.

One thing it does all show, however, is how effed-up and bigoted against older people the Seattle high tech scene is. I applied at literally dozens and dozens of positions in the Seattle area over the years. Got called for an interview at maybe 10% of those, and offers at exactly zero of them, even for the interviews in which I absolutely nailed every question. Contrast with Vancouver: three applications, two of which resulted in interviews, one which looks likely to result in an offer, and on none of those interviews did I absolutely nail everything (only did passably well).

Even if nothing does come through, this avenue has been productive enough that it will probably be worth trying again. I really have to thank the friend who encouraged me to check out Vancouver because the scene there was different.


  • Wow congrats! That’s a dream! Would love to move to Van but can’t for my industry. Hope you’ll still do Bellingham Reddit weather reports.

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