UPS Back to Its Old Tricks

Published at 22:20 on 5 December 2011

This greeted me when I stepped out the front door this afternoon, after being in continually since this morning:

UPS Spoor
Spoor left by a lying UPS truck driver who did not even knock.

I thought I had left this sort of crap behind when I left Kings Hill in Portland. I guess the behavior is more widespread than I had thought. Perhaps it’s spreading.

From what I’ve heard, UPS is a pretty awful place to work for as a delivery truck driver. Management continually sets unrealistic quotas, and then disciplines drivers for failing to achieve the impossible. So I guess it’s not a surprise that some drivers are retaliating by filling out batches of UPS spoors during their lunch break, and then shaving time off their routes in half-minute or minute increments by dashing to doors and slapping UPS spoors on them instead of knocking and waiting for someone to answer.

I may soon have to revert to my past policy of refusing to accept UPS deliveries. My worry is that since the Postal Service is losing money, some idiot who thinks that capitalists have all the answers will appoint an expert from UPS to “reform” the Postal Service into doing just this sort of crap (first to its letter carriers and then to customers as a logical end outcome).

Update: If you Google “ups leave note without knocking”, you will see that I am hardly the only person to have this sort of experience with UPS. Guess it’s back to insisting on Parcel Post of FedEx Ground for me.

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