Pondering a New Feature: Sleazy Recruiters

Published at 10:55 on 19 August 2015

I’m seriously pondering adding a new category and recurring feature for sleazy recruiters to this blog. It would be restricted to obviously sleazy recruiters. Even though my experience indicates it’s generally a sleazy crowd, an individual recruiter would have to demonstrate actual sleaze to be listed.

Examples would include:

  • Misrepresenting a job to me (in the rare case where I follow up and am in a position to learn this),
  • Misrepresenting me to an employer (again in the rare case when I follow up),
  • Spamming me about a job that in no way relates to my experience,
  • Spamming me about systems administration jobs in reference to résumés which explicitly rule such things out (as some of mine do).
  • Spamming me about jobs that are not in the Seattle area, despite all of my résumés indicating I am not willing to relocate.

I’m still pondering it, but leaning towards actually doing it. I plan on naming names, both firms and the people at them who spam me. So long as I report accurately, this is not libel (which has to be both false and disparaging, mere disparagement does not count).

Because, if you don’t want people to make disparaging speech about your business, you shouldn’t act in ways which, if accurately reported, harm it.

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