Sleazy Recruiter: Terry Terrell of AXA Advisors

Published at 09:17 on 11 May 2016

What part of the boldfaced text (emphasis added) from my on-line résumé do you not understand, Mr. Terrell?

Note: I am not interested in jobs outside the Seattle area, nor am I interested in jobs outside the field of software development….

I know: it’s an academic question. You ran a harvester bot and then spammed me. Repeatedly. Welcome to my hall of shame.

From: Terry Terrell <>
Reply-to: Terry Terrell <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2016 01:09:10 +0000
Subject: hope to arrange an interview with you

Hello David,

I contacted you last month about potential job openings with our
company. I haven't heard back yet, but I wanted to follow up and see if
I can provide you with some additional information about our company and
some of the positions available.

Again, we think your skills are a perfect match for some job openings
here that present real growth and a pathway for a prosperous future. If
we can set up a time convenient for you, I'd like to discuss your job
goals and see if there might be a match for you with us.

Thanks again,

Terry L. Terrell
Regional Vice President

AXA Advisors, LLC
10500 NE 8th Street, Suite 1600
Bellevue, WA 98004
Visit My Website

office: (206) 956-6220
fax: (206) 956-6202
Please Add Me On LinkedIn!

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Sleazy Recruiter: Babin Raj of IT Trailblazers LLC

Published at 08:02 on 9 May 2016

Just because I feel like listing it, no other reason. I get several of these per day. Just because I don’t normally post them doesn’t mean I don’t get recruiter spam all the time.

Date: Mon, 09 May 2016 10:05:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: Babin Raj <>
Subject: Fast Moving Requirement - Devops Engineer - San Jose, CA

Hi  David,
This is Babin. I'm an IT recruiter at IT Trailblazers LLC. I found your
profile relevant to one of my current openings.

Title: Devops Engineer
Location: San Jose, CA
Duration: 12 Months

Job Description :
• Should have good working knowledge of Continuous Integration, Continuous
Delivery, Automated Deployment, Application Performance Monitoring and Agile
•  Knowledge of configuration management and provisioning tools
•  Knowledge of software build tools
• Ability to apply analytical and problem-solving skills to solve complex
deployment problems.
•  Practical knowledge of Deployment best practices and procedures
• Practical knowledge of containerization and deployment technologies and
infrastructure tools.

Thanks and look forward to working with you.
Babin Raj,
Phone : (732) 227-1772 Ext.425 /
Fax: (732) 909 2358
2050 Rt. 27 Suite 203 North Brunswick,NJ 08902  / Email:

Note: Please allow me to reiterate that I chose to contact you either
because your resume had been posted to one of the internet job sites to
which we subscribe, or you had previously submitted your resume to IT
Trailblazers US/Canada. I assumed that you are either looking for a new
employment opportunity, or you are interested in investigating the current
job market. If you are not currently seeking employment, or if you would
prefer I contact you at some later date, please indicate your date of
availability so that I may honor your request. In any event, I respectfully
recommend you continue to avail yourself to the employment options and job
market information we provide with our e-mail notices.

You have received this message because either you have contacted our Company
to express interest in employment, or you have posted your resume in an area
accessible to recruiters or HR professionals, which implies an interest in
being contacted regarding employment opportunities.

If you would prefer to no longer receive any emails whatsoever from our
Company, you may opt out at anytime by clicking here.

Gotta love all the crap in there about my receiving the sleazeball’s spam because I posted my résumé on line. It’s crap, of course: my résumé clearly indicates I am only interested in local opportunities.

Sleazy Recruiting Agency: KRG Tech

Published at 08:45 on 29 April 2016

I’m not going to much blame the specific claimed recruiter (Arun Kumar), because I strongly suspect he might not be an actual person. These slime are running address and phone number harvesting bots and ever since yesterday have been repeatedly spamming and robo-calling me about a job I am at best minimally qualified for.

Gotta love the mangled English, too. Realize that there’s plenty of well-educated people in India and Pakistan who have no difficulty using proper English grammar, and who thanks to the low standard of living in either country can be hired for a song compared to Western salaries. But of course if you’re a total sleaze outfit you can hire someone less educated in English for a song compared to them, so that’s what you’ll do.

From: ArunKumar <>
Subject: Arun KRG Tech - Full Time (Permanent) - .NET Developer/Support - Redmond, WA
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 08:38:46 -0700


Greetings!! We KRG Technologies star partner of HCL America recruiting for
.NET Developer/Support - Redmond, WA. If you are interested with the below
job description kindly share your updated resume, comfortable rate with tax
term to  <> or call us to 661
367 8000 ext. 207. Also Please share this requirement to your friends, who
are looking for job change.

Sleazy Recruiter Earns a Poison-Pen Response

Published at 19:44 on 10 November 2015

Normally I don’t send harshly-worded responses to recruiter spam, but this guy just begged for it. He’s been spamming me over and over again. He’s from an insurance agency, of course.

Holy hell, are you ever one clueless sleazy dirtbag of a recruiter.

Can’t you understand plain English?? To wit, the disclaimer that appears with my online résumé:

This résumé is being posted strictly for the purpose of soliciting responses related to employment opportunities in the field of software development. In particular, neither insurance sales [emhasis added] nor systems administration are software development.

I would not work for your company even if it were the last employer on Earth.

Moreover, I am going to tell all of my friends to avoid purchasing insurance from your firm.

Hello David ,
My name is Ron Ellwanger with Colonial and I have tried reaching out to you in the past but we have not been able to connect. I am still interested in speaking with you about the benefit consultant and account manager positions in your area. (we may be able to talk about management as well depending on openings)
We are rapidly growing with the business 2 business market especially with the recent changes in health care reform. We are helping more people than ever before.
If you are still looking for a position, I would like for us to set up a time to chat over the phone.
If interested, please send me an email and we will set up a time to chat.
Ron Ellwanger
Colonial Benefits


Sleazy Recruiter: Darshan Patel of Sumeru Inc.

Published at 15:14 on 28 September 2015

Let’s see now: How many ways does this say “pure sleaze”?

Ignores clearly-stated grographic preferences? Check.

Cut-rate Indian outsourcing? Check.

Sloppy mail merge that doesn’t even use or produce correct English grammar? Check.

Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2015 09:24:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Darshan Patel <>
Subject: Urgent Requirement :: Release Manager :: St. Petersburg,
 FL : Direct Client Sent

We are sourcing for Release Manager with one of our
Direct Client in St. Petersburg, FL.  Please go through
to the job description below and of you feel comfortable
with the required skills and responsibilities, please
reply me back with your updated word doc resume and Table
with your details to or
contact me for more details at 202-370-6920.

Sleazy Recruiter: Atul Mishra of Net2Source

Published at 09:46 on 21 September 2015

Just in case there was any lingering doubt that Net2Source was the worst sort of sleaze outfit:

Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 12:36:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Atul Mishra <>
Subject: Opportunity for Apple Macintosh OSX

Hope you are doing well,
My name is Atul and I'm a Resource Executive  at Net2Source. We
have a requirement with our direct client for Apple Macintosh
OSX. If you’re interested please share me your updated resume
along with your expected pay rate and availability.
Job title:             Apple Macintosh OSX
Location:              Rye, NY
Duration:              Long Term

Sleazy Recruiter: Vishwajeet Singh of Next Level Business Services

Published at 11:26 on 18 September 2015

What part of “Seattle area” don’t you understand, moron?

Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 13:48:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: Vishwajeet Singh <>
Subject: Urgent Opening_ Cassandra _ Charlotte NC _ Full Time

My Name is Vishwa Singh and I'm a Resource Professional at Next Level
Business Services, Inc.

Sleazy Recruiter: Aflac Insurance

Published at 08:45 on 17 September 2015

Ah, more insurance company spam. Memo to all who read this: Never buy insurance from Aflac. Their customer service record is doubtless as poor as Farmers’; sleaze in one part of a firm’s operations almost always indicates sleaze in the other parts.

From: "" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 13:03:19 -0400
Subject: In Response to Your Resume…

We saw your resume on and are interested in
talking with you about a job opportunity. Are you looking for a
career that allows you to manage your time and schedule so you
can balance work and fun? Or a career with the potential for
unlimited income based on your personal performance? If so, a
sales career with Aflac may be right for you.

Sleazy Recruiter: Vik Smith of Global Systems LLC

Published at 08:30 on 17 September 2015

Yet another douchebag who can’t read my clearly-stated geographic limits.

Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 18:31:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Vik Smith <>
Subject: Requirement: Software developer in Orange County / Los Angeles (SoCal)
 or San Jose / San Francisco Bay Area (C2H/FULL TIME)

09/16/15 6:25 PM
My name is Vik and I'm an IT recruiter at Global Systems LLC.
Our records show that you are an experienced IT professional
with experience in Software Developer. This experience is
relevant to one of my current openings.
We are currently looking for Software Developer. This is with
our direct client.  It is located in Orange County / Los Angeles
(SoCal) or San Jose / San Francisco Bay Area.