NRA President Oliver North

Some observations:

  1. It totally underscores how much the NRA is a right-wing moonbat outfit (and how little it is a civil rights outfit) that they would elect such a figure to their highest leadership post. If they took the Constitution whose Second Amendment they pretend to revere seriously, they would consider a figure like North, who subverted the rule of law at the highest levels of government, to be radioactive. They would be ashamed to so much have him as even a lowly routine member of their organization.
  2. By doing the above, the NRA has reinforced in the minds of a public increasingly skeptical of it how the right to keep and bear arms really isn’t a right worthy of being considered like the other rights in the Bill of Rights. It dovetails perfectly with the message that it’s just something the moonbat Right is a fan of, nothing more. The NRA has thereby made it easier for the Second Amendment to be successfully ignored* in the future. As someone who supports the right to keep and bear arms, and does consider it to be an important civil right, I personally find this distressing.
  3. That the Right would so elevate a figure whose claim to fame is illegally arming the Islamic Republic of Iran at the same time they are saying that Iran cannot be trusted is more than a little ironic. Sort of shows how hollow the reasoning is behind tearing up the Iran nuclear deal. They’re mostly just a brainless cheering squad for anything their Dear Leader does.

* Repeal is very unlikely, but ignoring is quite likely. All it would take is a Supreme Court ruling that there is no individual right to keep and bear arms enshrined in the Constitution. There’s even some very convenient “well-regulated militia” language in the amendment to help them do that. Make such a ruling and the Second Amendment might as well not exist anymore. It’s that simple to neutralize.

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