Antifa Is Winning

Even an Establishment paper like the Washington Post basically admits as such when they write paragraphs like:

Participation and enthusiasm appear to have slowed since. Several street rallies have been sparsely populated by white supremacists — but overwhelmingly attended by counterprotesters — and by the time Spencer ended his college speaking tour, few supporters were coming to his speeches.

You see, fascists (and that’s all “alt-right” is: rebranded fascism) aren’t interested in participating in the dialogue of an open society. They want to destroy open society and replace it with a totalitarian fascist dictatorship.

Fascists’ public appearances aren’t about debate, they’re about projecting an image of force and power, and attracting support based on that alone. Outnumbering fascists, shouting them down, shutting their events down, firing them from their jobs, disowning them from families and sometimes beating them up undercuts and subverts that message of force and power, replacing it with an image of weakness and powerlessness.

It may make nice liberals queasy and even pity the poor roughed-up fascists, but liberals aren’t the target group the fascists want to recruit from, anyhow. There really is a paradox of tolerance, and acting on this fact really does appear to work.

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