Another Job Interview

I’m heading into the city for another job interview. We’ll see how well it works out. I would like to say I am cautiously optimistic but honestly I am not. This is not pessimism; it is realism. Everything I have learned in the last few years points to:

  • Overall trends in the computing industry running precisely counter to my own personal needs for a work environment, and
  • Persistent ageism, coupled with how I am not getting younger as the years pass, leading me to being rejected based on appearance alone.

At this stage, job interviews are something I am doing on a non-interference basis to the pursuit of other strategies for financially supporting myself. If I do manage to get lucky and land a job, experience has shown it will prove to be temporary anyhow, and extremely unlikely to last longer than a few years. It will be a means of kicking the can down the road and buying some time for me to complete the difficult process of securing a good alternate strategy to conventional tech work, nothing more.

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