Well… That Was Fun

Not really.

I’ve been working on a set of command-line utilities to let me post here without using an interactive browser. Reason is that WordPress is infected with excessive amounts of crap Javascript, to the point that its editor window is nearly useless if one doesn’t have a solid high-speed connection. Which I often don’t while commuting on the ferry.

Anyhow, two idiots have conspired to make my life more difficult than it needs to be. Both have used an object containing actual or implied time zone information to represent an XML-RPC date/time stamp (which doesn’t contain any time zone information).

Idiot No. 1 wrote the WordPress XML-RPC code (or the PHP library that uses same), and Idiot No. 2 wrote the Apache ws-xmlrpc code. Both idiots made feeble and ultimately failing attempts to defeat the lossage their idiocy begat, and I’ve spent most of the evening puzzling out the gyrations necessary to reverse engineer then counteract the lossage caused by both the base design flaw and the ineffectual original countermeasures… on both the client and server ends.

Yes, I’m being uncharitable and abrasive by calling those programmers “idiots”. You would too if your temper had just been worn thin by dealing with bizarre behavior caused by a stupid design decision.

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