New Stove

It finally (after multiple delays) got installed this morning:


So goodbye to the compromise of having to find one of the few in-city apartments with gas stoves (Seattle doesn’t overall suit my purposes), or living out of the city (and having to contend with an electric stove since basically no out-of-city rentals come with gas stoves).

I have experience with using the three available major cooking methods, and I’ve blogged before about how gas is clearly the best. So it should prove well worth the investment of having a gas line run to the kitchen.

You will notice it’s not a particularly fancy stove. No stainless-steel finishes, no “professional” grade burners (which are almost never actually true professional grade on anything marketed for home use anyhow). Stainless is trendy and impractical (it shows fingerprints like crazy) to the point of being banal, and I really don’t care enough about quasi-professional features to make them worth the extra money. I did spring for sealed burners (less mess when something overboils) and a higher-BTU burner (will come in handy for home canning). Even then, it’s still a very basic entry-level range, which should suit me just fine.

Also, I can relax a bit now. I decided that if today’s stove installation went OK it would be a safe sign that I’ve stopped getting crap from the universe (delay after delay, and complication after complication, starting with my creepy Halloween discovery and ending with an extra day’s delay of moving in here).

It also means I’m getting settled in my new place and have moved out of the old place, which was always a compromise and never intended to be long-term (for openers, it involved living under someone else, something I genuinely despise due to noise issues).

Update (11 Dec): It passed the propane company’s inspection. Next step is the final inspection by the city.

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