Will the Democrats Wake Up? They Better.

  1. Trump cheated once, colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election.
  2. He just got caught cheating again, attempting to collude with Ukraine.
  3. These are just the instances of cheating we’ve heard about. There may well be others.
  4. He will certainly try to cheat again. Why shouldn’t he? Literally everything in his life up to this point (in both politics and business) has taught him he can get away with cheating.
  5. You think it’s bad now? It’s just the primaries. Wait until the final election.

More Democrats are thankfully getting it. But will Pelosi?

If she doesn’t, it’s past time to replace her with a speaker who is serious about acting like a member of the opposition in an open political system, instead of a victim with Stockholm syndrome.

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