A Literal Deep State Coup d’Etat

While some degree of schadenfreude is inevitable, it is not in fact the best of news that Trump’s handlers are working to actively frustrate his worst impulses. As the subject of this post alludes, it is in fact a literal example of what may quite accurately be termed a “deep state coup d’etat.” There is simply no legal justification for Trump’s unelected, appointed handlers to usurp executive authority like they apparently have been.

There is a 100% legal and above-board means of addressing the undeniable fact that Trump is unfit to hold the office of president. Two means, in fact: permanent removal from office via the impeachment process, and temporary removal from it per the 25th Amendment.

None of this is to deny that:

  1. The Republicans are complete, sheep-like authoritarian followers so are unwilling to cooperate in such processes, and
  2. The world is doubtless a safer and better place as a result of Trump’s worst impulses being deliberately frustrated.

The problem is, as the old saw goes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. There’s two perils being created by the present, informal measures: an immediate one, and a more long-term one.

The immediate one is that the measures themselves rest on very shaky ground. Trump, as chief executive, is totally empowered and on firm legal standing in attempting to smoke out and dismiss his insubordinate employees. We are only a few simple executive actions from a far worse immediate crisis.

The long-term one is that unaccountable, extralegal means of governance are being legitimized. Too many people are expressing relief rather than unease at this recent news. The temptation to descend the slippery slope and engage in more such actions against increasingly less unfit presidents will inevitably present itself.

In short, the recent news is yet one more example of how the Trump regime and its enablers are normalizing abhorrent practices and ideas.

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