The Double Standards of Moderates

Of late, I’ve been pointing out some of Sanders’ shortcomings as a candidate, and urging my fellow leftists to open their eyes to some inconvenient truths. Time now to even out the score.

Now that Biden has done poorly in Iowa, and is doing poorly in the money department, the Biden Bros are stealing pretty much every line in the book the Bernie Bros have been reciting.

“But it’s not fair that Biden will get shit for what his son did.” Oh? And it’s fair that Sanders will get shit (rooted in memes about Cuba and the ex-USSR) for being a democratic socialist?

“Stop being so negative about our candidate, who is obviously the most electable.” Oh? And it’s just plain old “hard-edged realism” when Sanders’ flaws are talked about? But of course.

Always one set of standards for me, and another for thee.

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