Fuck Daniel Ortega

Since this is the United States, land of both widespread historical ignorance and ignorance of foreign countries, I will begin by pointing out that Daniel Ortega is the president of Nicaragua. Actually, he’s been president twice, once in the wake of the 1979 revolution, and again since 2007.

When he returned to power in 2007, he promptly banned abortion and sought and took kickbacks from those seeking government favors, then engaged in repressive measures against journalists who attempted to document the corruption. He followed that up by banning the two of the largest opposition parties from participating in the 2009 municipal elections.

Then Ortega packed Nicaragua’s supreme court with sympathetic justices, who by some twisted logic ruled Nicaragua’s constitution to be unconstitutional, specifically the parts about presidential term limits. The 2016 election was the first since the 1979 revolution in which foreign observers were not allowed (with the exception of one very small delegation). It’s almost as if someone wants to be President for Life.

Now it looks like there’s finally starting to be some popular pushback against the dictator.

Fuck Ortega. Fuck all dictators.

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