So, Here’s the Story, Democrats

Today Trump tore up the TPP, a piece of capitalist trash I’ve long wanted to see suffer precisely this fate. And I’m hardly alone on this. I’m way out there (with respect to the norm) generally but most Americans share my disbelief in corporate globalization.

Hillary claimed to oppose the TPP, too, of course. But here’s the crux of the matter: she did so only after pushed to by Bernie. Frankly, she was never quite believable in her promise. She’s a lifelong free-trader. I honestly can’t say that I’d trust her to have done what Trump just did.

And I’m saying this as a left anarchist who fucking hates Trump and the horse he rode in on.

In light of all that, can you see why your party lost so humiliatingly last November, Democrats?

And remember, you don’t have to give up on any of your core principles. Good old fashioned left-liberalism of the sort LBJ pushed and Slick Willie turned his back on will do the trick. I’m a queer feminist, but I will be upset not in the least bit if you add a nice big helping of class consciousness to your identity politics. In fact, I’ll love it.

That assumes left-liberalism is still more of a core principle in your party than craven centrist triangulation, of course. So, is it?

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