Some shortwave recordings

Haven’t made any of these in a long time. Since getting a cellular modem to allow Internet use on the ferry, my Internet sessions while commuting have been productive enough to enable me to do some SWLing after work at times.

Saudi Broadcasting Services with Islamic chant on 15170 kHz, starting at 0309 UTC.

A mystery (to me). Some sort of digital mode recorded in upper sideband on 9048.5 kHz at about 0410 UTC.

Radio Rebelde, Cuba, 5025 kHz, broadcasting a news item about the recent earthquake in Ecuador.

Voice of Korea on 15180 kHz, first eight minutes of 0330 UTC Spanish language broadcast, which means nothing but the standard lengthy lead-in of songs praising the country and the Kim dynasty.

All were recorded on 5 May 2016.



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