More Snow

About three inches fell overnight before changing to rain and starting to melt. Judging by the extended forecast outlook, I may well see more scenes like one below in the coming weeks.


The view out one of my rear windows this morning.


The first snow of the season fell yesterday. Just a few flakes at the tail end of a band of showers that started as cold rain and changed to snow then ended. Didn’t even stick to the ground.

Now it looks like there’s a decent chance for more snow on Thursday, maybe as much as 7 inches. Which is an exciting possibility because it would be very big news if it comes to pass; snow is not very common here. We haven’t had 7 inches total in the three winters I’ve lived on the Island.

Extended forecasts are all generally hinting at below-normal temperatures with continued chances of lowland snow. Maybe this winter will make up for the past several ones, which have been unusually skimpy in the snow department. (There was no sticking snow at all last year. We don’t get much snow, but we do usually get at least one storm per year that turns the ground white.)